Роман ХРУЩ
Russia, 2009, 87mn 
Colour, fiction
Chornyy baran
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Черный баран


 Black Sheep

 Mouton noir

Directed by : Roman KHRUSHCH (Роман ХРУЩ)
Writing credits : Roman KHRUSHCH (Роман ХРУЩ)
Karen BADALOV (Карен БАДАЛОВ) ...Petros
Aleksey BARABASH (Алексей БАРАБАШ)
Elguja BURDULI (Элгуджа БУРДУЛИ) ...Liporit
Vladimir ILIN (Владимир ИЛЬИН) ...Nikolay
Cinematography : Viktor SHESTOPEROV (Виктор ШЕСТОПЕРОВ)
Production design : Oleg SMAROVSKY (Олег СМАРОВСКИЙ)
Music : Lev 'Lyova' ZHURBIN (Лев 'Лева' ЖУРБИН)
Companies : Narodnoe Kino

Awards :
Award Comic Film Festival "Ulybnis, Rossiya", Moscow (Russia), 2010

Plot synopsis
The family of the Caucasian shepherd inherited a car-washing facility in Moscow. The family finds itself in the capital that is in another world. Their naivety, credulity, desire to make new friends meet with a cruel rebuff of the local people who first of all saw in them strangers. The family comes into collision with raiders (those want to take away the carwashing facility), tries to make friends with the former watchman who dispirited by their nationality, appearance and manners of his new owners. The shepherd’s son falls in love with a girl migrant from Ukraine, the same alien as he himself. Granddaughters try to help in their own way but often find themselves in funny absurd and sometimes dangerous situations. And only a strange black sheep that appears from nowhere becomes a unifying metaphor of happening events.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Budapest Russian Film Week, Budapest (Hungary), 2011
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2011
- Comic Film Festival "Ulybnis, Rossiya", Moscow (Russia), 2010
- Festival Russian kino 'Moscow Premier Screenings', Moscow (Russia), 2010