Анатолий БАЛУЕВ
Russia, 2011, 45mn 
Colour, documentary
serebrianiy kon
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Серебряный конь


 Silver Horse

 Le Cheval d'argent

Directed by : Anatoli BALUYEV (Анатолий БАЛУЕВ)
Writing credits : Anatoli BALUYEV (Анатолий БАЛУЕВ)
Cinematography : Semyon SOSNIN (Семён СОСНИН)
Release Date in Russia : 2011

Plot synopsis
Through all the film long is running through a Komi-Permiak legend about Pera Bogatyr, son of the Earth, and Zaran the Beauty, daughter of the Sun. The same way, there are two young heroes in this film. Maxim is a postman in the ancient Kupros town, and Irina is gynaecologist in Kudymkar city. They are of the same age, and you could think there’s nothing else common between them. But, in the second part of the film, unexpectedly, the spectators find Maxim and Irina in the same village.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Message to Man : International Short, Documentary and Animated Film Festival, St Petersburg (Russia), 2012
- International Millenium Festival, Brussels (Belgium), 2011