Robertas VERBA
Робертас ВЕРБА
Robertas VERBA
USSR (Lithuania), 1965, 18mn 
Black and white, documentary
Starik i zemlya
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Старик и земля


 Senis ir žemė

 Le Vieil homme et la Terre

Directed by : Robertas VERBA (Робертас ВЕРБА)
Cinematography : Robertas VERBA (Робертас ВЕРБА)
Other persons :
Camera : Vladimiras KOSTIUGOVAS
Sound : Kazys ZABULIS
Editing :Vytenis IMBRASAS
Companies : LKS Lithuanian Film Studio
Distribution : Archives centrales de l'État de Lituanie (
format : 35 mm

Plot synopsis
The Trimonis, an old country couple, tell their life story and speak of the sacrifices made for their children's education. At the end of the film, a tombstone is bought for the wife, who died while the film was being made.

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Leipzig Festival for documentary and animated film, Leipzig (Germany), 2018
- États généraux du film documentaire, Lussas (France), 2012