Russia, 2012, 88mn 
Colour, documentary
Bitva za Ukrainu
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Битва за Украину


 Battle For Ukraine

 La Bataille pour l'Ukraine

Directed by : Andrey KONCHALOVSKY (Андрей КОНЧАЛОВСКИЙ)
Writing credits : Andrey KONCHALOVSKY (Андрей КОНЧАЛОВСКИЙ), Yekaterina ZENOVICH (Екатерина ЗЕНОВИЧ)
Cinematography : Artiom ANISIMOV (Артем АНИСИМОВ), Andrey KOSTYANOV (Андрей КОСТЯНОВ)
Produced by : Andrey KONCHALOVSKY (Андрей КОНЧАЛОВСКИЙ)
Companies : Svetlana Ostrovskaya, Andrei Konchalovsky Production Centre, 21/1 Pravdi Street, Moscou 12415 (Russie), tél.: (+7-495) 225 35 35, fax: (+7-495) 225 35 25,
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
In this film, Andrei Konchalovsky, one of Russia's best known contemporary directors, turns his documentary attention to Ukraine, once part of the Soviet Union, now independent, but still struggling to escape the close -- and sometimes stifling -- embrace of its neighbouring big brother, Russia. And even as Ukraine attempts to find a healthy relationship with Russia, it is wary of coming under the political sway of its former cold war enemy, the US. Konchalovsky's investigation was conducted over a period of almost three years. Ukrainian, Russian and American historians, politicians and journalists took part in this study, as well as the ex-president of Poland, Aleksander Kwasniewski, the ex-president of Slovakia, Rudolf Schuster, the ex-president of Georgia, Eduard Shevardnadze, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, the ex-prime minister of Russia, Viktor Chernomyrdin, and prominent Russian businessman Boris Berezovsky. One of the experts interviewed in the film is Leonid Kuchma, who was president of Ukraine when the Orange Revolution occurred, when Russia and the US were again competing for influence in a foreign country. Can the interests of Russia and Europe in Ukraine ever be independent? And what is the price of this independence?

Selected in the following festivals :
- Tromso International Film Festival : TIFF, Tromso (Norway), 2015
- World Film Festival, Montreal (Canada), 2012