Russia, 2013, full length film 
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 The Thaw

 Le Dégel

Directed by : Valery TODOROVSKY (Валерий ТОДОРОВСКИЙ)
Writing credits : Valery TODOROVSKY (Валерий ТОДОРОВСКИЙ)
Yevgeni TSYGANOV (Евгений ЦЫГАНОВ) ...Viktor Khrustaliov, cameraman
Aleksandr YATSENKO (Александр ЯЦЕНКО) ...Egor Miachin, a young director
Anna CHIPOVSKAYA (Анна ЧИПОВСКАЯ) ...Mariana Pichugina
Viktoria ISAKOVA (Виктория ИСАКОВА) ...Inga Khrustaliova
Mikhail YEFREMOV (Михаил ЕФРЕМОВ) ...Fiodor Krivitsky, director
Cinematography : Ivan GUDKOV (Иван ГУДКОВ), Fyodor LYASS (Федор ЛЯСС)
Production design : Vladimir GUDILIN (Владимир ГУДИЛИН)
Music : Konstantin MELADZE (Константин МЕЛАДЗЕ)
Produced by : Valery TODOROVSKY (Валерий ТОДОРОВСКИЙ)
Companies : Киностудия "Мармот-фильм" Studio "Marmot-film"

Plot synopsis
Series: 12
  After the death of their friend-scriptwriter, the operator Victor Khroustalev and the director Igor Miatchine decide at all costs to shoot the film of his last scenario. But life is such that to make a film about the script of this friend, you must first shoot the film of another, which will later change the life of each of them. This series tells the story of young people who work in the cinema. They are young, beautiful, talented, and they are in love.

Valerii Todorovskii: The Thaw (Ottepel), 2013), Lilya NEMCHENKO, Kinokultura, 2014
Valerii Todorovskii: The Thaw (Ottepel), 2013), Tatiana KRUGLOVA, Kinokultura, 2014
Série télé [Le Dégel]. Au temps de l’amour et de la censure, Andreï ARKHANGUELSKI,, 2013

Selected in the following festivals :
- Rotterdam International Film Festival, Rotterdam (Netherlands), 2016