Aleksandr VOLKOFF
Александр ВОЛКОВ
Aleksandr VOLKOFF
France, 1924, 2400m 
Black and white, silent, fiction
Mimoletnye teni
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Мимолетные тени


 The Passing Shadows

 Les Ombres qui passent

Other titles : Ускользающие тени
Directed by : Aleksandr VOLKOFF (Александр ВОЛКОВ)
Writing credits : Ivan MOZZHUKIN (Иван МОЗЖУХИН), Aleksandr VOLKOFF (Александр ВОЛКОВ)
Ivan MOZZHUKIN (Иван МОЗЖУХИН) ...Louis Barclay
Natalia LISENKO (Наталья ЛИСЕНКО) ...Jaqueline del Sorio
Companies : Albatros
language français

Plot synopsis
A legacy brings a man, who lived happily in the countryside, surrounded by his father and his tender wife, to Paris. There, worldly life makes him forget his wife and his sweet life. Two crooks attracted by his fortune make him meet a beautiful and mysterious woman with whom he falls in love.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Fondation Jérôme Seydoux. L'Aventure Albatros - 1, Paris (France), 2016