Russia, 2016, 39mn 
Krym mnogolikiy
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Крым многоликий


 Crimea with many faces

 La Crimée aux multiples visages

Directed by : Mariya RAZDORSKAYA (Мария РАЗДОРСКАЯ)
Writing credits : Mariya RAZDORSKAYA (Мария РАЗДОРСКАЯ)
Cinematography : Konstantin SIROTININ (Константин СИРОТИНИН)
Produced by : Yelena RAZDORSKAYA (Елена РАЗДОРСКАЯ)
Companies : ООО Студия МАРАФОН-АРТ / Studio "MARATHON-ART"

Plot synopsis
It is a collection of short stories about people of Crimea of various nationalities. There are Greeks and Bulgarians, French and Ukrainians, Karaites ... Everyone appreciates in their own way the history of the Crimea and envisages its relationships with its neighbors. They all seem different. But the Crimeans have in their soul a unique peculiarity: they love the land where they live, regardless of their ethnicity. Thus the concept of "Fatherland" is shared by all citizens of the Crimea. This is felt rather acutely after the reunification of Crimea with Russia. And currently the phrase "We have returned to our Country" is not, for the Crimeans, a simple slogan but also a personal story.

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- War in contemporary Russian cinema, (France), 2023
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2016