Born in 1934, USSR (Georgia)
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Резо Парменович ЭСАДЗЕ
Also : Revaz ESADZE / реваз ЗСАДЗЕ
From filmography
1975 - Lyubov s pervogo vsglyada (Любовь с первого взгляда) [fiction, 90 mn]
1967 - chetyre stranitsy odnoy molodoy zhizni (Четыре страницы одной молодой жизни) [fiction, 85 mn]
1980 - Iz zhizni otdykhayushchikh (Из жизни отдыхающих) by Nikolay GUBENKO [fiction, 84 mn]
1975 - Lyubov s pervogo vsglyada (Любовь с первого взгляда) by Rezo ESADZE [fiction, 90 mn]

Other films
1964 – Fro / Фро
1970 – Stopwatch / Секундомер
1973 – Flicks / Щелчки
1981 – Mill in the Suburbs / Мельница на окраине города
1985 – Nylon Firtree / Нейлоновая елка

Actor, scriptwriter and film director.
Born in 1934 in Georgia.
In 1956 graduated from the physics-mathematics faculty of Tbilisi University majoring in geophysics.
In 1956-1958 worked as a school teacher of physics and astronomy and as deputy research scientist at the astrophysics station of Tbilisi University.
In 1964 he graduated the directing faculty of VGIK (the class of M. Romm). His graduation work «Fro» (1964), shot at Lenfilm, was censored (two scenes were cut from the film). From 1966 he was lead director of Lenfilm Studios, from 1972 he was lead director of Georgian Film Studios. A prize winner of different international film festivals. Now works in an educational role.
Source :

- The Socialist Avant-Garde at the 33rd Moscow International Film Festival , Julie DRASKOCZY, 2011,