Born in 1958, Romania
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2009 - Kontsert (Концерт) [fiction, 114 mn]
2009 - Kontsert (Концерт) by Radu MIHAILEANU [fiction, 114 mn]

Radu Mihaileanu is a Romanian filmmaker and writer from Bucharest, Romania. His father was a journalist who was deported during the war and his mother was an editor for children's books. Radu immigrated to Paris in 1980 in order to flee Ceausescu's dictatorship. After graduating from the Institute for the Advanced Cinematographic Studies" (IDHEC) in Paris, Radu Milaleanu held different positions within the cinema industry in order to make a living. In 1988, Mihaileanu obtained the French nationality. Throughout many encounters with people from the film industry, Radu Mihaileanu became assistant to Marco Ferreri, Jean-Pierre Mocky, Michel Legrand, Edouard Niermans, Fernando Trueba, Alain Tasma and Nicole Garcia. Radu Mihaileanu was co-writer of Marco Ferreri's "Banquet" and completed his first feature film, "Betray" (« Trahir ») in 1992. The film was very successful, particularly in the United States (highly recognised at the Sundance Film Festival), and won numerous awards (the Grand Prize at the Montreal Festival, the Grand Prize at the Viareggio Festival, the Jury Prize at the Istanbul Festival, etc.). Radu Mihaileanu achieved even further success in 1998 with his second feature film, "The train of Life" (« Train de vie ») which also won many awards such as the Critic's Prize of the Venice Festival, Public Prize at Sundance, Italian Caesar (Best Foreign Film). The film achieved an almost-unanimous critique and is internally renowned, being distributed in nearly all countries. His third feature film, "Go, Live, Become" (« Va, vis, deviens »), about a Christian, Ethiopian boy pretending to be a Jew in order to immigrate to Israel for survival purposes, was an instant hit worldwide. The film sold 150,000 DVDs in France alone and won over 30 awards such as the César for Best Screenplay, Public Award at the Berlin Festival, Best Film and Best Screenplay at the Copenhagen Festival etc. In 2009, Mihaileanu's will release his fourth feature film entitled "The Concert" (« Le Concert ») which recounts the adventures of a false Bolshoi orchestra travelling to Paris for a concert at the Théâtre du Châtelet. Radu Mihaileanu has also directed two television films, "Carlo's Pygmies" (Arte - 2002) and "Hello Anthony" (M6 - 1996), and has written two books "Va, vis, deviens " (2005) and "Une vague en mal de mer"(1987). In 2006 the Order of Merit of Knighthood was bestowed upon him by the President of Romania, Traian Basescu. In 2007 he was given the Knighthood of Arts and Literature by the French Minister for Culture, Christine Albanel. In 2008, Mihaileanu was named European Ambassador of Intercultural Dialogue (by the European Commission) and in 2009, European Ambassador for Creativity and Innovation. Source :

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