25e AFI Fest
Los Angeles (USA) - 03 Novembre 2011 - 10 Novembre 2011
2012 2011
Films russes
Faust, 2011


Alexandre SOKOUROV
( Александр СОКУРОВ)

Alexandre SOKOUROV
Cible, 2010


(Александр ЗЕЛЬДОВИЧ)


Autres films
- Carré blanc, Jean-Baptiste LEONETTIi, France, Luxembourg, Russie, Belgique, Suisse / 2011 / 80 min.

- Hanaan, Ruslan PAK, Russie, Corée du Sud / 2011 / 88 min.
Hanaan is the story of Stas, a fourth-generation Korean-Uzbek police detective seeking to avenge the drug-fueled death of a friend. Infiltrating the Uzbeki underworld, Stas makes discoveries that plunge him into fury, moral chaos and a resurgent heroin dependency he once had kicked. He retreats to the snow-covered mountains of Uzbekistan, where he must fight his addiction in solitude as he faces an uncertain future. Inspired by his own life, first-time actor and childhood friend of the director Stanislav Tyan marvelously captures Stas' intense inner struggle. Set in the magnificent scenery of Uzbekistan, Ruslan Pak's gritty crime drama explores one man's desire to escape his past, his people's diaspora, and his all-encompassing search for a motherland, a promised land of milk and honey.