17th Sofia International Film Festival
Sofia (Bulgaria) - 07 March 2013 - 17 March 2013
Russian films
In the Fog
In the Fog, 2012

(В тумане)

(Сергей ЛОЗНИЦА)

The Empty Home
The Empty Home, 2012

(Пустой дом)

Nurbek EGEN
(Нурбек ЭГЕН)

Nurbek EGEN

Other films
- The Girl and death, Jos Stelling, Netherlands-Russia-Germany, 2012, 124 min
The tragic love story between the young Russian Nicolai and the beautiful courtesan Elise, that was obstructed by materialism, wealth and the threat of death. He’s on the way to Paris and intends to spend a night in the pension hotel where Elise “works”. Then however he encounters the enchanting girl and falls in love in a heartbeat. But there’s still her protégé… Nicolai returns to the old hotel, the place where he first met his great love half a century ago and relives his romantic tragedy.

- Incognita (инкогнита),Mihail Pandoursky,Bulgaria-Russia, 2012, 116 min
The world-famous conductor Anton Horn has to overcome conflicts while preparing the performance of a new musical piece based on the moth for Prometheus. His life changes when he meets Dorothea – a young girl with extraordinary abilities who is hiding from the police. She leads him into an unknown world where he experiences supernatural abilities, including the magic of flying. Cross the barrier! The film Incognita is an analysis of the boundless and contradictory human world. It is a new interpretation of Pavel Vezhinov’s novella The Barrier – director Mihail Pandoursky’s metaphysical look into the dark abyss of the human subconscious.Incognita is a magic mirror that each of us may look into