10th European Independent Film Festival : ECU
Paris (France) - 10 April 2015 - 12 April 2015
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Other films
- One Turtle (Nesuraz), Anna ROMANOVA, Animation, 2014, 5min, film d’étudiant, Russie
Parfois l'entourage est tellement ennuyeux… Des plaintes, des questions, du discours creux. À un tel point qu'on veut s'enfuir là où il n’y a personne…

A work produced at the school of the studio Shar, which consists of simple ink drawings with patches of blue-grey watercolor. The animal language is translated into Russian by a voice-over, creating a funny mix of voices. A turtle runs away from everybody, along a path and past all the other animals who comment on the turtle’s life; they represent different characters of world literature, uttering lines such as Hamlet’s “to be or not to be, that is the question” or Chekhov’s Irina and her continuous “we must to work, work…” The turtle runs, faster and faster, through the rain and past more animals. Finally the turtle arrives in a closed space which produces only an echo of its own voice. Almost scared of the loneliness it has reached at last, the turtle sees three snails that have followed and caught up with it in the empty space. They walk back together, as the turtle carries one snail on its back. The flat, drawn animation renders perfectly the simplicity and pragmatism of the turtle’s decisions.