7 Независимый фестиваль европейских фильмов : ECU
Париж (Франция) - 30 Март 2012 - 01 апрель 2012
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Другие фильмы
- I Look and Move, Constantine KONOVALOV, Irina NEUSTROEVA, 2011, 2 min. Experimental, Featured, Russia

Every second our planet is spinning you, but you can begin to spin our peace yourself. Every day you are able to go ahead in order to be happy and make happy others. Yes, it is not so simple. There are many obstacles in the way. Life is not a movie. Although it as a movie has a physical end. Nobody knows what our life is over. And while you live you are the director of each moment .Our new Stop Motion Animation "I Look and Move" is about all those people who were able to turn this world, to change something, build something, create something and do something that leaves a mark on our planet. .

"La vie n'est pas un film mais lorsque vous vivez, vous êtes le réalisateur de chaque instant". Animation réalisée en stop motion, "I Look and Move" traite de tous ces individus qui ont fait tourner notre monde, changé, bâti, créé ou fait quelque chose ayant laissé une marque dans notre monde.