10 Tirana International Film Festival
Тирана (Албания) - 23 ноябрь 2012 - 02 Декабрь 2012
Русские фильмы
Orlandina Uber Alles
Orlandina Uber Alles, 2011

(Orlandina Über Alles)

Михаил_2 ЧЕРНЯК
(Mikhaïl_2 TCHERNIAK)

Михаил_2 ЧЕРНЯК

Другие фильмы
- Start The Engine And Reverse, Andrei ZAGIDULLIN (Андрей ЗАГИДУЛЛИН), 2012, 4 mn
A young couple driving on an isolated road knocks over a pedestrian. Their first reaction to assist the man is rapidly rejected because the two lovers have reasons to hide their affair. The girl presses her boyfriend to finish-off the wounded man. The road accident becomes a real murder... (http://tiranafilmfest.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=741:start-the-engine-and-reverse&catid=109:fiction-official-selection-tiff-2012&Itemid=350)

Гран-при :

Сибирь, Монамур (Sibir, Monamur), 2011, реж. Слава РОСС (Slava ROSS)