6 Фестиваль Российского Документального кино в Нью-Йорке (Трайбека)
Нью Йорк (США) - 04 Октябрь 2013 - 06 Октябрь 2013
Денис Давыдов Трип
Денис Давыдов Трип, 2013

(Le Voyage de Denis Davydov)



Лоцман во времени
Лоцман во времени, 2012

(Le Navigateur du temps)

Александр_2 КИСЕЛЕВ
(Aleksandr_2 KISSELIOV)

Александр_2 КИСЕЛЕВ
Широкие объятия
Широкие объятия, 2012

(Larges embrassades)


Юрий Щекочихин. Однажды я был…
Юрий Щекочихин. Однажды я был…, 2011

(Youri Chtchekovitch. Une fois j'étais)

(Evguenia GOLOVNIA)


Книга тундры. Повесть о Bуквукае - маленьком камне
Книга тундры. Повесть о Bуквукае - маленьком камне, 2011

(Le Livre de la toundra. L'histoire de Voukvoukaï, la petite pierre)


После Баха
После Баха, 2010

(Après Bach)



Другие фильмы

- The Number of Life (Число жизни), Gulnaz Galimmulina (Г. Галимуллина), Studio: GUP TRK «Bashkortostan», 2012, 30min
Part of the original series "Profiles", this film talks about Irek Zaripov, the 5-time Paralympics Champion, and unveils his so far hidden and yet unknown side. The documentary focuses on almost entire career path of the famous athlete, up until his training for Sochi-2014 Olympics. It contains the rare archival footage of his first non-medal games in Torino, where he was just about to get married, and where his future achievements were yet only a dream.

- Constructivist. Studies for the future : Rodchenko (Конструктивисты. Опыты для будущего: Родченко), Ilya Layner (И. Лайнер ), Studio: "Tsvet Granata, for TV "KULTURA", 2012, 52min
The life and career of Alexander Rodchenko- one of the leading pioneers of Constructivist movement in design, architecture, print media, theatre and film is cinematically documented through his personal diaries, letters and artistic manifests. A unique representation of his original works as well as reconstructed lost items contributes to an authentic portrayal of the only artistic movement that Russian gave to the world.

- Ptirychka (Птирычка), Irina Vassilieva (И. Васильева), «Fishka Studio», 2013, 26min, World premiere.
Half-bird and half-fish, Ptirychka is a nickname Lina Mkrtchyan. She called herself Ptirychka when she was a little girl. Even though years have past, her voice is still resonant and enchanting. Yet, it is now heard in the church -- far away from the city lights and audience's applause, faithfully accompanying Mkrtchyan's international music career in the 80's and 90's. The documentary was made by a RDFF New York 2012 winner Irina Vassilieva; she tenderly depicts the present life of Lina Mkrtchyan, the astonishing Russian contralto, a rare church singer and an inspiring humanist.

- Look at me (Посмотрите на меня), A.Kolchina ( А. Колчина), Studio: Masterskaya Valery Balayan, 2012, 40min
The story is quite simple: a young actress is looking for a job. Everything else in this story, full of light and laughter, is slightly unusual. Irena Musskara turns out to be an Italian, trying to make a living in Moscow… She is as young, inspiring, spontaneous and talented as most of wonderful and beautifully spontaneous girls of that age could ever be.

- Second life. Boston (Вторая жизнь. Boston), M. Gershtein (М. Герштейн ), Studio: МashaStudio, 2012, 50min
The subjects of this documentary had left Russia for United States on the verge of the 1990s. Immigration has hence separated their lives in two. New realities, gains and losses, creative self-realizations «on the opposite side», «Russian Boston» in its past and present are the major themes of this documentary.

- Rudolf Nureyev. Farewell, Motherland (Рудольф Нуриев. Прощание с родиной ), F. Davletshin (Ф. Давлетшин), Tatarstan, RF., 2013. 40min
Documentary is based on the movie-script written by famous Tatar artist and writer Rabit Batulla. The film tells us about Rudolf Nureyev's long awaited visit to Kazan in 1992. It was a place of his mother's birth. It is based on Nureyev's encounters with Kazan's leading artists and stories of those, who witnessed his rare performance on the stage of the Tatar Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, who has been the key initiator of his return.
This World Premiere Event is made possible due to a gracious support of the Ministry of Culture of Tatarstan.

- The Second Home (Второй дом), D. Polischuk (Д. Полищук), Studio: Visual Cultural Study, Norway, 2013, 35min
The director and film's characters are almost the same age: Darya is a Norwegian student, Zhenya and Yulia – two teenagers of orphanage in Petrozavodsk. At first sight, this is the only thing they have in common. Orphans are outsiders of the society from birth. Protected by the loving hands of childcare system and its educators, they are totally separated from normal social ties and structures and need to master these skills right from scratch in order to become fully functional in the society. The process of this social adaptation is lengthy and not always successful. Yet, the teens know exactly what they want: no less than "Be heard and appreciated". Isn't it what every young person in the world wants? They do speak the same language, the language of youth and faith in the future. That is what links so strongly people on the opposite sides of the screen.

- I've Got Feeling, Sorry (Простите, я чувствую), Ivan Kotelnikov (И. Котельников), Studio: Saint-Petersburg Studio of Documentary Films, 2012, 56min
The film contains scenes of a sexual nature not suitable for minors
The film is a three-part study of love, based around three female stories. Time, circumstance and society precisely defined their roles in life. Every one of them seems to be a good actress, attentive and open to the demands of the director. One immerses herself into the world of money, the other into the world of the child, the third one does sees no further than an upcoming evening. That is how their roles have been distributed. Yet, they all think and dream about love, the great ideal love. In his turn, the young director tries to represent the fine and fragile inner world of his characters' feelings, adding up an aesthetic and tender touch to their basic hopes and desires.


- Solo for Ludmila Ulitskaya (Соло для Людмилы Улицкой), Elena Yakovich (Е. Якович), Studio: RACORD-TV Studio, 2013. 53min, In Russian, without subtitles
The documentary unfolds in the train which is according to Ulitskaya herself is not totally coincidental. "My entire life is the pathway"-she says. This particular trip from Saint-Petersburg to Moscow is simultaneously an ode to one of the central Russian literary symbols and a ride through the life of Ludmila Ulitskaya from her childhood playground park to a family cemetery.