Nikolaï_2 LEBEDEV
Николай_2 ЛЕБЕДЕВ
Nikolay_2 LEBEDEV
URSS, 1949, long métrage 
Noir et blanc, fiction
Bon voyage
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Счастливого плавания!


 Have a good voyage

 Schastlivogo plavaniya!

Réalisation : Nikolaï_2 LEBEDEV (Николай_2 ЛЕБЕДЕВ)
Scénario : Aleksandr_4 POPOV (Александр_4 ПОПОВ)
Production : Lenfilm

Pas de synopsis en français.

Captain Levashov, new commander of the 5th company of Nakhimov Naval College is training his students to show initiative and often turns his classes in “fullfilement of a battle task “. His advice and encouragement, his demands to observe the military discipline and his personal example help naval cadets to get prepared to their future careers of naval officers. The authors of the film were honored the Stalin’s Prize of the USSR.
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Sélections dans les festivals :
- Festival "Vive le cinéma de Russie", Saint-Pétersbourg (Russie), 2013