Russia, 2018, 102mn 
The Crimean Bridge. Made with Love!
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Крымский мост. Сделано с любовью.


 Le Pont de Crimée. Fait avec amour

 Krymskiy most. Sdelano s lyubovyu

Directed by : Tigran KEOSAYAN (Тигран КЕОСАЯН)
Release date in Russia : 01/11/2018
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
A hot summer and a gentle sea. Crimean Bridge (Crimea) is being built in Kerch. Dima, a young and daring builder, has a hobby: from every change of female students-archeologists choose the most beautiful and win it. And this time would have happened the same, if not for Moscow PR man. He brought to the construction of television crews from America, and, of course, it is he, a luxurious careerist on a white convertible that will win the Varya's heart. While the two contenders charm her, the hot Caucasian Bernard Is trying to realize his dream to marry an American and go to Hollywood.

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