Russia, 2019, 90mn 
Quiet comes the Dawn
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 L'Aube / Quiet Comes the Dawn


Russian subtitle : Ты не проснёшься
Directed by : Pavel SIDOROV (Павел СИДОРОВ)
Writing credits : Yevgeni KOLIADINTSEV (Евгений КОЛЯДИНЦЕВ)
Oxana AKINSHINA (Оксана АКИНЬШИНА) ...Anton's mother
Aleksandra DROZDOVA (Александра ДРОЗДОВА) ...Sveta
Aleksandr MOLOCHNIKOV (Александр МОЛОЧНИКОВ ) ...Kirill
Anna SLYU (Анна СЛЮ) ...Lilya
Kuzma KOTRELIOV (Кузьма КОТРЕЛЁВ) ...Anton
Anastasia KUIMOVA (Анастасия КУИМОВА)
Cinematography : Ivan BURLAKOV (Иван БУРЛАКОВ)
Production design : Sergey SHARAMET (Сергей ШАРАМЕТ), Yevgeniya TSARKO (Евгения ЦАРЬКО)
Produced by : Dmitry LITVINOV (Дмитрий ЛИТВИНОВ), Vladislav SEVERTSEV (Владислав СЕВЕРЦЕВ)
Other persons :
композитор : Гарри Джудд / Musique : Garry Judd
Production : Karoprokat
Film revenue in Russia : 0.8307 million dollars
Release date in Russia : 31/01/2019
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
For her twentieth birthday, Svetlana receives an unforgettable present: her beloved but depressed brother throws himself out of a window. Since then, she’s haunted by eerily realistic nightmares. Svetlana starts to wonder if depression runs in the family, as her mother also met a tragic end. When she goes through her late brother’s belongings, she discovers that he was obsessed by a sect that wants to turn nightmares into reality. Out of desperation, she turns to the institute of somnology where they experiment with lucid collective dreaming to free people of their fears. Together with three other patients, they are put to sleep. But instead of redemption, they are haunted by torture and demons. Together they desperately search for a way out… This audiovisual nightmare which would even keep Freddie Krueger from sleeping, comes from the producers that brought us THE BRIDE (BIFFF 2017). Pavel Sidorov delivers a feature debut that fulfills all our expectations and submerges us in an atmosphere of surreal terror. Russian genre cinema has become a certitude at the BIFFF and QUIET COMES THE DAWN proves this once again. (

Commentaries and bibliography
Pavel Sidorov: Quiet Comes the Dawn (Rassvet, 2019), José ALANIZ, Kinokultura, 2020
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Selected in the following festivals :
- Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival : BIFFF, Brussels (Belgium), 2019

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