Russia, 2019, 113mn 
Rzhev. Unknown Battle
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 Rjev / Unknown Battle


Other titles : Ржев. Искупить кровью
Directed by : Igor KOPYLOV (Игорь КОПЫЛОВ)
Writing credits : Igor KOPYLOV (Игорь КОПЫЛОВ)
Sergey ZHARKOV (Сергей ЖАРКОВ) ...Regiment chief
Ivan BATAREV (Иван БАТАРЕВ ИВАН ) ...Kartsev
Oleg GAYANOV (Олег ГАЯНОВ) ...Machikhin
Arseni SEMIONOV (Арсений СЕМЕНОВ) ...Political instructor
Aleksandr GORBATOV (Александр ГОРБАТОВ) ...Ivan Basov
Aleksandr BUKHAROV (Александр БУХАРОВ) ...Sysoev
Igor GRABUZOV (Игорь ГРАБУЗОВ) ...Zhurkin
Cinematography : Yevgeni KORDUNSKY (Евгений КОРДУНСКИЙ), Garik ZHAMGARYAN (Гарик ЖАМГАРЯН)
Production design : Georgi MICHRI (Георгий МИЧРИ)
Music : Maksim KOSHEVAROV (Максим КОШЕВАРОВ), Aleksandr MAEV (Александр МАЕВ)
Produced by : Sergey SHCHEGLOV (Сергей ЩЕГЛОВ), Inesa YURCHENKO (Инесса ЮРЧЕНКО)
Production : Triiks Media
Film revenue in Russia : 1.405 million dollars
Spectators : 374 200
Release date in Russia : 05/12/2019
Site : IMDb
VOD or DVD release in France : 2021-05-04, Site

Plot synopsis
February 1942 After several months of fighting, a Red Army company, from which only a third of the personnel remained, finally knocks the enemy out of the village of Ovsyannikovo. Fighters, exhausted, expect reinforcements, but the headquarters orders them to keep the village at all costs, which means a death sentence. The company commander faces a difficult choice - to execute a meaningless command order and lose the remaining people or take the soldiers out of the fire and go to the tribunal.

Commentaries and bibliography
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Selected in the following festivals :
- VOD or DVD release in France of the film:, Different cities (France), 2021
- Russian Resurrection Film Festival, Different cities (Australia), 2020

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