Russia, 2020, 115mn 
Gatekeeper of the Galaxy / Cosmoball
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Вратарь Галактики


 Gardien de la galaxie / Cosmoball

 Vratar galaktiki

Directed by : Djanik FAIZIEV (Джаник ФАЙЗИЕВ)
Writing credits : Djanik FAIZIEV (Джаник ФАЙЗИЕВ)
Yevgeni ROMANTSOV (Евгений РОМАНЦОВ) ...Anton
Mariya LISOVAYA (Мария ЛИСОВАЯ) ...Anya
Viktoria AGALAKOVA / GLUKHIKH (Виктория АГАЛАКОВА / ГЛУХИХ) ...Natasha
Yevgeni MIRONOV (Евгений МИРОНОВ) ...Belo
Cinematography : Maksim OSADCHY (Максим ОСАДЧИЙ)
Produced by : Djanik FAIZIEV (Джаник ФАЙЗИЕВ)
Production : CTB, Vopapza
Film revenue in Russia : 1.4073 million dollars
Spectators : 486 821
Release date in Russia : 27/08/2020
Sites : Allociné, IMDb
VOD or DVD release in France : 2021-01-09, Site

DVD with subtitles
Editor : First International Production. 2021. Titre : Cosmoball.
Cette édition limitée inclut :
- le Blu-ray du film
- le DVD du film
- le Making-of du Film (32min)

Plot synopsis
The year is 2071. The galactic wars have destroyed the moon and changed the Earth's climate. Moscow is in the rainforests and New York is covered in ice. A huge alien ship towers over Moscow - it contains the stadium where spectacular intergalactic cosmoball competitions take place - a game that combines sports and gladiatorial combat. The entire galaxy is watching the matches. Only athletes so named can play cosmoball because they have extraordinary abilities that they can control. The cosmoball is loved by everyone except Anton, a most ordinary guy who dreams of finding a job to help his family. But one day he has supernormal abilities and is accepted into the national cosmoball team. Anton does not yet suspect his role on this team, and that the final match will be a battle for Earth.

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- VOD or DVD release in France of the film:, Different cities (France), 2021

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