Vladimir NAUMOV
Владимир НАУМОВ
Vladimir NAOUMOV
Russia, 1994, 101mn 
Colour, fiction
White Holiday
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Белый праздник


 La Fête blanche

 Belyy prazdnik

Directed by : Vladimir NAUMOV (Владимир НАУМОВ)
Writing credits : Vladimir NAUMOV (Владимир НАУМОВ)
Production : Soyouz, Roskomkino
Release date in France : 1997-04-29, Site

Plot synopsis
Professor - mysterious person with strange and unusual behavior hires a private eye who is to watch him and put down what he says and does during a day that happened to be the last in the Professor’s life.
Source : www.mosfilm.ru

Selected in the following festivals :
- Release in France of the film, Different cities (France), 1997-04-29