Svyatoslav USHAKOV
Святослав УШАКОВ
Sviatoslav OUCHAKOV
Russia, 2018, 63mn 
Baba Yaga. The Beginning
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Баба Яга. Начало


 Baba Yaga. Le début

 Baba Yaga. Nachalo

Directed by : Svyatoslav USHAKOV (Святослав УШАКОВ)
Release date in Russia : 08/11/2018
Sites : IMDb, Kinopoisk

Plot synopsis
What made the little sorceress girl Jadwiga turn into a hermit Yaga and hide in a swamp in a hut on chicken legs? What happens when the princess Sineglazka accidentally gets to Yaga in the swamp, whom the evil stepmother-witch forces to go to the end of the world for rejuvenating apples? And who will make Yaga help people again? Baba Yaga is a colorful and exciting adventure in which the strength of friendship and faith in good overcome evil, betrayal and loneliness.