Aleksandr LEYMANIS
Александр ЛЕЙМАНИС
Aleksandr LEIMANIS
USSR (Latvia), 1964, 84mn 
Armiya Tryasoguzki
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Армия Трясогузки


 L'Armée de Triasogouzka

 Armiya Tryasoguzki

Directed by : Aleksandr LEYMANIS (Александр ЛЕЙМАНИС)
Based on the story of the same name by Alexander Vlasov and Arkady Mlodik.
Spectators : 18,7 millions of spectators
Release date in Russia : 28/12/1964
Site : IMBD

Plot synopsis
The civil war in Russia, guerrillas fighting with Kolchak formations. As a result of sabotage, accident with white Russian train takes place. In disaster area the flag with the inscription "Wagtail's Army" is found. Kolchak commanders think that they are Bolsheviks, but guerrilla leader does not know anything. It turns out that this is work of three boys.