Yekaterina KIREEVA
Екатерина КИРЕЕВА
Ekaterina KIREEVA
Russia, 2021, 5.37mn 
The World is Beautiful
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Мир прекрасен


 Le Monde est beau

 Mir prekrasen

Directed by : Yekaterina KIREEVA (Екатерина КИРЕЕВА)
Production : School-studio 'SHAR'

Plot synopsis
This is a story about animals that live in a forest where it rains endlessly. They are wet and bad. But here's a riddle ... Animals constantly hear a voice from heaven: "The world is beautiful!" Accidentally, a little gopher reveals the secret of a mysterious voice and finds salvation from the eternal rain.

Selected in the following festivals :
- BCF. The Big Cartoon Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2021