Russia, 2021, 126mn 
Mission «Sky»
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 Mission "Ciel"


Other titles : Mission «Sky»
Directed by : Igor KOPYLOV (Игорь КОПЫЛОВ)
Writing credits : Igor KOPYLOV (Игорь КОПЫЛОВ)
Cinematography : Yevgeni KORDUNSKY (Евгений КОРДУНСКИЙ), Garik ZHAMGARYAN (Гарик ЖАМГАРЯН)
Production design : Georgi MICHRI (Георгий МИЧРИ)
Music : Maksim KOSHEVAROV (Максим КОШЕВАРОВ), Aleksandr MAEV (Александр МАЕВ)
Produced by : Igor KOPYLOV (Игорь КОПЫЛОВ), Inesa YURCHENKO (Инесса ЮРЧЕНКО)
Production : «ТриИкс Медиа» (TriIks Media) «Россия 1» (TV Roiya 1)
Film revenue in Russia : 1.836803 million dollars
Spectators : 521 457
Release date in Russia : 18/11/2021
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
Based on real events.
In the center of the story are two main characters - Lieutenant Colonel Soshnikov and Captain Muravyov. Two different characters, two different destinies that are destined to converge at the Khmeimim military base.
During a sortie, Soshnikov's plane was shot down by a Turkish fighter. This event was covered by all the world's media, and the whole of Russia followed the course of the rescue operation. Oleg Soshnikov and navigator Konstantin Muravyov managed to eject, but only one of the soldiers was destined to return home alive.