Anatoli_4 VASILYEV
Анатолий_4 ВАСИЛЬЕВ
Russia (Yakutia), 1992, 64mn 
Summer Homestead
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Летовье / Сайылык



 Letovye / Cayylyk

Directed by : Anatoli_4 VASILYEV (Анатолий_4 ВАСИЛЬЕВ)
Writing credits : Semyon ERMOLAYEV (Семён ЕРМОЛАЕВ)
Anatoli_4 VASILYEV (Анатолий_4 ВАСИЛЬЕВ)
Cinematography : Semyon VASILIEV (Семён ВАСИЛЬЕВ)
Other persons :
Cast: Afanasii FEDOROV, Simon FEDOTOV, Vasilii APROSIMOV, Aleksei POPOV, Mariia LUKINA,
Production : Creative unit Severfilm
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Plot synopsis
The protagonist encounters ghosts (uer) who spend eternity waiting for someone to find and bury their remains one day. Over time, the hero realizes that he is also a wandering ghost, and his body still lies somewhere in the field after a heart attack. Tired, exhausted ghosts advise him to have his body found and buried. Then he will be able to move to another world, a personal paradise, which appears in the form of a sayylyk - a valley with a summer dwelling where the souls of ancestors and loved ones live. At the climax of the film, it turns out that the hero's body is still alive and he is being carried into a car to be taken to the hospital...

Commentaries and bibliography
Anatolii Vasil'ev: Summer Homestead (Sajylyk, 1992), Liubov BORISOVA, Kinokultura, 2022

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- The Cinema of Sakha (Yakutia), (France), 2023