Yevgeniya ZHIRKOVA
Evguenia JIRKOVA
Russia, 2018, 3mn 
Bless you !
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Будь здорова!


 A tes souhaits !

 Bud zdorova !

Directed by : Yevgeniya ZHIRKOVA (Евгения ЖИРКОВА)
Production design : Yevgeniya ZHIRKOVA (Евгения ЖИРКОВА)
Production : студия: Фестиваль дебютного кино «Рудник»/Школа документальной анимации / Festival du premier film "Roudnik"; Ecole d'animation documentaire

Plot synopsis
Story of a love affair, study of the inner world using animation and attempt to tell the story of an illness.

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Message to Man : International Short, Documentary and Animated Film Festival, St Petersburg (Russia), 2022