1990, 87mn 
Colour, fiction
The Cherry Tree - 2
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Зимняя вишня-2


 La Cerise d’hiver -2

 Zimnyaya Vishnya-2

Directed by : Igor MASLENNIKOV (Игорь МАСЛЕННИКОВ)
Music : Vladimir DASHKEVICH (Владимир ДАШКЕВИЧ)
Production : Troitskiy Most

Plot synopsis
In the sequel, the lonely, single main character of the first “Zimnyaya Vishnya” (“The Winter Cherry”) picture is happily settled: wife of a respectable American businessman, mother of a charming five-year-old daughter...
For her former lover Vadim, the clock seems to have stopped. Every morning he duly makes breakfast for his spouse; he obediently makes love to the young, prematurely developed Sveta nicknamed Slonik — a reasonably pragmatic and selfless creature, yet, given a chance, quite willing to take the spineless Dashkov in hand. He is forever listening to his friends advising him not to miss his chance. But it is not a lost chance that matters; what matters is that this person is no longer able or willing to look for any.