USSR, 1936  
Sluchaynaya vstrecha
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Случайная встреча


 Une rencontre imprévue

 Sluchaynaya vstrecha

Directed by : Igor SAVCHENKO (Игорь САВЧЕНКО)
Writing credits : Igor SAVCHENKO (Игорь САВЧЕНКО)
Yevgeni SAMOILOV (Евгений САМОЙЛОВ) ...Gricha

Plot synopsis
A new physical education instructor Grisha (Evgeny Samoilov) arrives at the children's toys factory, where Irina works as a drummer. Having discovered the girl's outstanding abilities as an athlete, he begins to prepare her for the All-Union competitions in Moscow. Their friendship turns into love and very soon ends in marriage. Irina's message that they will have a child is greeted by her husband with a storm of indignation: all their joint work turns out to be meaningless. Irina leaves her husband and decides to raise the child alone. The collective of the plant treats the young mother with sympathy, helps her to endure mental trauma and in every way helps her in sports. At the all-Union competitions in Moscow, Irina takes first place.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Gels et dégels, une autre histoire du cinéma soviétique (1926-1968), Paris (France), 2002
- Film Festival Locarno, Locarno (Switzerland), 2000