USSR, 1960, 84mn 
Colour, fiction
Someone Else's Trouble
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Чужая беда


 Un malheur étranger

 Chuzhaya beda

Directed by : Yan FRID (Ян ФРИД)
Production : Lenfilm
Spectators : 24,7 million spectators in the USSR
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Plot synopsis
Something has changed in the life of Fyodor Denisov, the chairman of the collective farm. He is not getting along with people. People are saying that he wants to have things his way, that he does not discuss collective farm affairs with other people, and that he does not care about other people's troubles. His family life collapses. He falls for another woman, Alexandra. He deserts his family and leaves his job. But one day there is a knock at the door. Trouble has come! Now it is not the time to remember old offences.
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