USSR (Uzbekistan), 1985, 92mn 
Colour, fiction
I Remember You
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Я тебя помню


 Je me souviens de toi

 Ya tebya pomnyu

Directed by : Ali KHAMRAEV (Али ХАМРАЕВ)
Writing credits : Ali KHAMRAEV (Али ХАМРАЕВ)
Production design : Rustam KHAMDAMOV (Рустам ХАМДАМОВ)
Production : Uzbekfilm

Plot synopsis
At the request of his ill mother, Kim goes on a journey to search for the grave of his father who died during WWII somewhere near Vyazma. This is a journey which takes him all over the Soviet Union. His search begins at a military base where records of wartime burials are stored. Meeting with different people helps Kim to get to know himself better and to restore the memory of his father. Aficionadas of Soviet films may find it interesting to know that the well-known director Kira Muratova (Dolgiye Provody), whose own works had been shelved by the Soviet censors, worked as a supervising editor on this film.
Clarke Fountain,

Selected in the following festivals :
- Vesoul International Asiatic Film Festival, Vesoul (France), 2022