United Kingdom, 2007, 105mn 
Colour, documentary
Rebellion. The Litvinenko Case / The Rebel
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Бунт : случай Литвиненко/Бунтарь


 Litvinenko : empoisonnement d'un ex agent du KGB

 Bunt : sluchay Litvinenko/Buntar

Directed by : Andrey NEKRASOV (Андрей НЕКРАСОВ)
Writing credits : Andrey NEKRASOV (Андрей НЕКРАСОВ)
Production : Dreamscanner Productions
Sites : Allociné, IMDb
Release date in France : 2008-01-30, Site

DVD with subtitles
Editor : M6 video. 2009. Titre : Litvinenko, empoisonnement d'un ex-agent du KGB

Plot synopsis
The dark secrets of the Kremlin unravel in this story of the former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko poisoned last November in London told in his own words and in interviews with his widow, his friends and his alleged killers. During five years between his escape from Russia and his poisoning from radioactive Polonium-210 last November in London, former FSB (ex-KGB) agent Alexander (Sasha) Litvinenko spent hours with filmmaker Andrei Nekrasov explaining, the reasons for his rebellion and detailing the rise of the police state in Russia in the past decade.

Commentaries and bibliography
Vie et mort d'Alexandre Litvinenko, ex-agent du KGB [au sujet du film Litvinko:empoisonnement d'un ex agent du KGB, 2007, de Andreï Nekrassov], Irina de CHIKOFF, Le Figaro, 2008

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Festival de films russes Kinorama au cinéma Royal de Biarritz, Biarritz (France), 2016
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- Haifa International Film Festival, Haifa (Israel), 2008
- Kyiv International Film Festival 'Molodist', Kiev (Ukraine), 2008
- Melbourne International Film Festival - MIFF, Melbourne (Australia), 2007
- Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto (Canada), 2007
- Stockholm International Film Festival, Stockholm (Sweden), 2007

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