Russia, 2009, 95mn 
Colour, fiction
The Golden Mean
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Золотое сечение


 Le Nombre d'or

 Zolotoe sechenie

Other titles : Сезон дождей (La Saison des pluies) / Le Bouddha d'or
Directed by : Sergey DEBIZHEV (Сергей ДЕБИЖЕВ)
Writing credits : Sergey DEBIZHEV (Сергей ДЕБИЖЕВ), Konstantin MURZENKO (Константин МУРЗЕНКО)
Sergey BUGAYEV (Сергей БУГАЕВ)
Renata LITVINOVA (Рената ЛИТВИНОВА) ...Katiucha
Nikolay MARTON (Николай МАРТОН) ...freemason
Ksenia RAPPOPORT (Ксения РАППОПОРТ) ...Mari
Aleksey SEREBRIAKOV (Алексей СЕРЕБРЯКОВ) ...Aleksandr, director
Arkadi VOLGIN (Аркадий ВОЛГИН)
Mikhail YEFREMOV (Михаил ЕФРЕМОВ) ...political instructor
Production design : Sergey DEBIZHEV (Сергей ДЕБИЖЕВ), Eldar KARKHALEV (Эльдар КАРХАЛЕВ), Andrey KLIMENKO (Андрей КЛИМЕНКО)
Produced by : Vyacheslav TELNOV (Вячеслав ТЕЛЬНОВ)
Production : St Petersburg Documentary Film Studio
Film revenue in Russia : 0.063 million dollars
Release date in Russia : 10/06/2010
format : 35 mm

Plot synopsis
Seventeen years ago, Sergey Debizhev shot his firstmovie Two Captains 2, which made him a cult figure in the eyes of Russian intellectual bohemians. Since then, he has mainly released documentaries and shorts but he has now made as a secondmovie. Although The Golden Mean has been termedan “adventure drama”, the director has added elements of fantasy, mysticism and a historical movie to his work. The action takes place in three countries, Russia, France and Cambodia, and in three different periods, the start of the twentieth century, the SecondWorldWar period and its immediate aftermath and the present day. The principal character, amovie director, discovers a very old photograph of his grandfather, whowas once an officer and served in the Normandie-Niemen squadron on the Eastern Front. It suddenly transpires that his grandfather did not perish in the war but made his way to colonial Indochina. As our hero waits for his inheritance in Paris, he finds himself having to mount his own investigation.“The movie is unusual in both its form and content,” says Debizhev. “We used a very large number of different techniques associated with the formal side of moviemaking, and the movie may seem extremely unusual and even shocking.”

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Selected in the following festivals :
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