Aleksandr IVANOV
Александр ИВАНОВ
Aleksandr IVANOV
USSR, 1949, 98mn 
Black and white, fiction
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Directed by : Aleksandr IVANOV (Александр ИВАНОВ)
Writing credits : Pavel FURMANSKY (Павел ФУРМАНСКИЙ)
Vasili DEMKIN (Василий ДЕМКИН) ...Lieutenant Travkine
Nikolay KRIUCHKOV (Николай КРЮЧКОВ) ...Sergent Mamotchkine
Irina RADCHENKO (Ирина РАДЧЕНКО) ...Katia Simakova
Anatoli VERBITSKY (Анатолий ВЕРБИЦКИЙ) ...Lieutenant Travkine
Oleg ZHAKOV (Олег ЖАКОВ) ...Lieutenant Serbitchenko
Cinematography : Sergey IVANOV (Сергей ИВАНОВ), Vladimir RAPOPORT (Владимир РАПОПОРТ)
Production design : Semyon MALKIN (Семён МАЛКИН)
Music : Venedikt PUSHKOV (Венедикт ПУШКОВ)
Sound : Lev VALTER (Лев ВАЛЬТЕР)
Production : Lenfilm
Spectators : 28,9 millions of spectators
Release date in Russia : 21/09/1953
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Plot synopsis
Loosely based on the novel of the same title by Emmanuil Kazakevich. Headquarters of a Soviet division gets the information that the enemy is preparing a counteroffensive and is drawing up large forces to the front line. A group of scouts sent to check the information did not return. The new team of scouts named “Star” is headed by lieutenant Travkin. The group fulfills the task and on its way back runs into a Nazi detachments. Lieutenant Travkin sends one of the scouts to deliver the message to the commander and together with his comrades starts the mortal combat with the enemy.
The demonstration of the scouts’ death was not in line with the post-war normative aesthetics. The film was banned and released only in 1953.
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Commentaries and bibliography
La guerre dans le cinéma soviétique, Éric AUNOBLE,, 2021

Selected in the following festivals :
- Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2008

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