Grigori ROSHAL
Григорий РОШАЛЬ
Grigori ROCHAL
USSR, 1938, 97mn 
Black and white, fiction
The Oppenheim Family / The Oppenheims
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Семья Оппенгейм


 La Famille Oppenheim

 Semya Oppengeym

Directed by : Grigori ROSHAL (Григорий РОШАЛЬ)
Writing credits : Serafima ROSHAL (Серафима РОШАЛЬ), Grigori ROSHAL (Григорий РОШАЛЬ)
Based on a novel by Leon Feuchtwanger
Osip ABDULOV (Осип АБДУЛОВ) ...Lavendel
Vladimir BALASHOV (Владимир БАЛАШОВ) ...Bertold Oppenheim
Solomon MIKHOELS (Соломон МИХОЭЛС) ...Dr. Jacobi
Iosif TOLCHANOV (Иосиф ТОЛЧАНОВ) ...Edgar Oppenheim
Ada VOITSIK (Ада ВОЙЦИК) ...Liselotta
Cinematography : Leonid KOSMATOV (Леонид КОСМАТОВ)
Production design : Iosif SHPINEL (Иосиф ШПИНЕЛЬ)
Music : Nikolay KRIUKOV (Николай КРЮКОВ)
Production : Mosfilm

Plot synopsis
A good Jewish family is demolished by fascist power in Germany. The head of this family - Edgar Oppenheim is a well-known surgeon-ophthalmologist, and friendly and promising young people around him. The fascists initiate persecution against them. Oppenheim is put into prison, his son commits suicide, and Edgar’s brother hands his factory over to fascists on humiliating terms. When Oppenheim is out of prison, he leaves Germany together with his daughter, realizing that this merciless country is not his Motherland any longer.
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Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Kinojudaïca at the Shoah Memorial in Paris, Paris (France), 2009
- Kinojudaica : the image of the Jews in the cinema of Russia and Soviet Union (1910-1960), Toulouse (France), 2009
- Russische Filmwoche in Berlin, Berlin (Germany), 2008
- Berlin International Film Festival : Berlinale, Berlin (Germany), 1989

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