USSR, 1978, 96mn 
Shkolnyy vals
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Школьный вальс


 Valse d'école

 Shkolnyy vals

Directed by : Pavel LYUBIMOV (Павел ЛЮБИМОВ)
Writing credits : Anna RODIONOVA (Анна РОДИОНОВА)
Nina MENSHIKOVA (Нина МЕНЬШИКОВА) mère de Dina
Sergey NASIBOV (Сергей НАСИБОВ) ...Gocha
Yevgeniya SIMONOVA (Евгения СИМОНОВА) ...Dina
Yuri SOLOMIN (Юрий СОЛОМИН) ...Pavel, le père de Zossa
Yelena TSYPLAKOVA (Елена ЦЫПЛАКОВА) ...Zossia
Natalia VILKINA (Наталья ВИЛЬКИНА) ...Ella
Cinematography : Pyotr KATAEV (Пётр КАТАЕВ)
Production design : Semyon VELEDNITSKY (Семён ВЕЛЕДНИЦКИЙ)
Music : Vladimir SHAINSKY (Владимир ШАИНСКИЙ)
Production : Gorky Film Studio
Spectators : 19,4 millions of spectators
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Plot synopsis
The ten-graders Gosha and Zosya are in love with each other. The last school waltz has been played and it seems nothing stands any longer in the way of the young people being together. However, getting the news that he’s going to be a father soon, Gosha chooses a “free life” and… marries Dina who has long been in love with him, though with no reciprocity. But already at the registry office, the lucky winner realizes that getting Gosha as her husband doesn’t mean getting his love, that unintentionally she made her loved one unhappy and they have no future together…