Russia, 2010, 100mn 
Colour, fiction
Alien Girl
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Directed by : Anton BORMATOV (Антон БОРМАТОВ)
Writing credits : Vladimir NESTERENKO (Владимир НЕСТЕРЕНКО), Sergey SOKOLYUK (Сергей СОКОЛЮК)
Aleksandr GOLUBKOV (Александр ГОЛУБКОВ)
Anatoli OTRADNOV (Анатолий ОТРАДНОВ)
Yevgeni TKACHUK (Евгений ТКАЧУК)
Cinematography : Dmitry KUVSHINOV (Дмитрий КУВШИНОВ), Anastasi MIKHAYLOV (Анастасий МИХАЙЛОВ)
Production design : Oleg UKHOV (Олег УХОВ)
Produced by : Konstantin ERNST (Константин ЭРНСТ), Igor TOLSTUNOV (Игорь ТОЛСТУНОВ)
Production : K3 Film Company, PROFIT, Fox International Production
International Sales: XX Century Fox
Film revenue in Russia : 1.7259 million dollars
Release date in Russia : 17/06/2010
Sites : Page sur Allociné, page sur IMDb
Release date in France : 2011-12-07, Site

Plot synopsis
The action in Alien Girl, the new project fromproducer Konstantin Ernst, takes place in Russia in the brutal and romantic 1990s. Thiswas a time when people whose destiny ought to have led them to become officers or sportsmen, and have a thousand and one different professions, became completely ruthless killers. The hunt is now on for this dangerous female criminal who is the movie’s principal character. The screenplay was written by a man familiar with the underworld of that period from first-hand experience, author and blogger Vladimir Nesterenko (Adolfych) who himself spent several years in prison. “People will watch Alien Girl to connect with something inside their souls that secretly engenders a sensation of danger. This results in a sense of inner terror and the hope that they will not find anything there,” says Ernst.

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Selected in the following festivals :
- Release in France of the film, Different cities (France), 2011-12-07
- Russian Film Week in New York, New York (USA), 2010