USSR (Belarus), 1988, 134mn 
Colour, fiction
My Name is Harlequin
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Меня зовут Арлекино


 Je m'appelle Arlequin

 Menya zovut Arlekino

Directed by : Valery RYBARYEV (Валерий РЫБАРЕВ)
Writing credits : Valery RYBARYEV (Валерий РЫБАРЕВ), Yuri SHCHEKOCHIKHIN (Юрий ЩЕКОЧИХИН)
Oleg FOMIN (Олег ФОМИН) ...Arlequin
Cinematography : Felix KUCHAR (Феликс КУЧАР)
Production : Belarusfilm
Spectators : 39,4 million spectators in the USSR
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Plot synopsis
A guy called Arlekino and his company, who call themselves "wolves", live at a stop near the city, where they often go to "relax" - in search of thrills. And they're not just bullies, at least they think they are. They beat metalheads and fascists for ideological reasons, assert their simple order based on a special kind of justice and the right of the strong. In addition, Arlekino himself tries to think about complex universal values and connect them with the way of life he leads. However, he is faced with people who have their own order, not the same as the main character. And then the party life turns into a real tragedy.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Window to Europe Film Festival, Vyborg, Vyborg (Russia), 2003