Russia / Georgia, 2019, 135mn 
Prestupnyi chelovek
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Преступный человек


 The Criminal Man

 Le Criminel

Directed by : Dmitry MAMULIA (Дмитрий МАМУЛИЯ)
Writing credits : Arсhil KIKODZE (Арчил КИКОДЗЕ), Dmitry MAMULIA (Дмитрий МАМУЛИЯ)
Natalya DJUGELI (Наталия ДЖУГЕЛИ)
Vasilisa ZEMSKOVA (Василиса ЗЕМСКОВА)
Cinematography : Anton GROMOV (Антон ГРОМОВ), Alisher KHAMIDKHODZHAEV (Алишер ХАМИДХОДЖАЕВ)
Production design : Kote JAPARIDZE (Коте ДЖАПАРИДЗЕ)
Editing : Andrey KLYCHNIKOV (Андрей КЛЫЧНИКОВ)
Produced by : Tamara BOGDANOVA (Тамара БОГДАНОВА), Mikhail KARASEV (Михаил КАРАСЕВ), Suliko TSULUKIDZE (Сулико ЦУЛУКИДЗЕ)
Release Date in Russia : 02/04/2020
Site : IMDb

Awards :
First prize International debut film festival, Khanty Mansiysk (Russia), 2020

Plot synopsis
The uneventful life of Giorgi Meskhi, 28-year-old deputy-chief engineer from an industrial town, turns upside down when he accidentally witnesses the murder of a famous goalkeeper. He attends the funeral and, trying to stay unnoticed, spies on the wife and daughter of the deceased. Once at home he attempts to call the police but hangs up upon hearing the voice of the officer. From day to day, he keeps returning to the crime scene as the murder infects him like a virus, eventually becoming his obsession. Absorbed by everything connected to the crime, he studies the faces of the criminals, as if trying to solve a mystery. He seems obsessed with more than the murder he witnessed. Being a ‘nobody’ he accomplishes actions that should turn him into ‘somebody’, but who? A murderer? He buys a gun as he assumes his new self and tries to fit into a new role, holding it ineptly against random victims. This is a story about the birth of a murderer. Piece by piece, he assembles his new self like a puzzle: when it’s done and the murder is committed, he turns himself in to the police. The film is about the twisted road that leads a man from being a witness to becoming a murderer, and the mental struggle along the perilous journey.

Dmitrii Mamuliia: The Criminal Man (Borotmokmedi / Prestupnyi chelovek, 2019), Alyssa DEBLASIO, Kinokultura, 2021

Selected in the following festivals :
- Annual award of the Guild of Historians of Cinema and Film Critics, Moscow (Russia), 2020
- Festival Russian kino 'Moscow Premier Screenings', Moscow (Russia), 2020
- International debut film festival, Khanty Mansiysk (Russia), 2020
- Göteborg International Film Festival, Göteborg (Sweden), 2020
- Film Festival Black Movie, Geneva (Switzerland), 2020
- Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Thessaloniki (Greece), 2019
- Venice International Film Festival, Venice (Italy), 2019