Russia, 2018, 48mn 
fiction, TV serial
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Эпидемия (сериал 2018 – 1 сезон)


 To the Lake / Epidemia (saison 1)

 To the Lake / The Outbreak (saison 1)

Directed by : Pavel KOSTOMAROV (Павел КОСТОМАРОВ)
Writing credits : Roman KANTOR (Роман КАНТОР), Aleksey KARAULOV (Алексей КАРАУЛОВ), Yana VAGNER (Яна Вагнер)
Based on novel Vongozero by Yana Vagner
Kirill KYARO (Кирилл КЯРО) ...Sergey
Viktoria ISAKOVA (Виктория ИСАКОВА) ...Anya
Maryana SPIVAK (Марьяна СПИВАК) ...Irina
Aleksandr ROBAK (Александр РОБАК) ...Lyonya
Natalia ZEMTSOVA (Наталья ЗЕМЦОВА) ...Marina
Cinematography : David KHAUZNIKOV (Давид ХАЙЗНИКОВ)
Production design : Mariya PASICHNIK-RAKSHA (Мария ПАСИЧНИК-РАКША)
Music : Aleksandr_2 SOKOLOV (Александр_2 СОКОЛОВ)
Produced by : Aleksandr BONDAREV (Александр БОНДАРЕВ), Djanik FAIZIEV (Джаник ФАЙЗИЕВ), Valery FEDOROVICH (Валерий ФЕДОРОВИЧ), Rafael MINASBEKYAN (Рафаел МИНАСБЕКЯН), Yevgeni NIKISHOV (Евгений НИКИШОВ)
Release Date in Russia : 14/11/2019
Sites : Allociné, IMDb, Kinopoisk
VOD or DVD release in France : 2020-10-07, Site

Plot synopsis
An unknown virus turns Moscow into a city of the dead. There is no electricity, money has lost all value and those who are still not infected, are desperately fighting for food and fuel. The main character, Sergei, lives outside the city with the woman he loves and her autistic son. It's still safe there. In spite of that he rushes to Moscow to save his ex-wife and their son, although she hates Sergei . These people, who never believed they'd be under the same roof again, have to put the past behind them and set off on a long, dangerous journey north to find an isolated hunting lodge on a deserted island. The Outbreak is a family drama in the midst of a global disaster. It is one of the first post-apocalyptic TV shows in Russia and is based on bestselling book, Vongozero, which was written by Yana Vagner and translated into eleven languages. One of the parts will be played by Maryana Spivak (principle role in the film, Loveless by Andrei Zvyagintsev, which won the "Jury Prize" at Cannes

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