Gadzhimurad EFENDIEV
Гаджимурад ЭФЕНДИЕВ
Gadjimourad EFENDIEV
Russia, 2015, 23mn 
Derevo bez korney
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Дерево без корней


 A Tree Without Roots

 Un arbre sans racines

Directed by : Gadzhimurad EFENDIEV (Гаджимурад ЭФЕНДИЕВ)
Writing credits : Gadzhimurad EFENDIEV (Гаджимурад ЭФЕНДИЕВ)
Cinematography : Ivan KROTOV (Иван КРОТОВ)

Plot synopsis
A young man faces tragedy in the family of his friend. The little girl remains an orphan. The young man and his mother are maturing a decision to adopt the child.

Les courts métrages de Gadzhimurad Efendiev, Julien MORVAN, Perestroikino, 2020


Film avec sous-titres anglais