Vladimir MIRZOEV
Владимир МИРЗОЕВ
Vladimir MIRZOEV
Russia, 2020, 78mn 
Kak Nadya poshla za vodkoy
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Как Надя пошла за водкой


 How Nadia went to get vodka

 Comment Nadia est allée chercher de la vodka

Directed by : Vladimir MIRZOEV (Владимир МИРЗОЕВ)
Release Date in Russia : 29/10/2020
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Plot synopsis
Nadya and Valya are two sisters. Nadya is a beautiful and frivolous holiday lover, Valya is a serious, intelligent older sister, used to lecturing everyone. After one of her usual club nights, Nadia brought home Alexei, who turned out to be married, but unhappy in marriage. His wife was in complete control of his whole life and every step he took. The sisters decided that they would have Alexei with them first, and then what? Moreover, they did not look so far.

Vladimir Mirzoev: How Nadia Went to Get Vodka (Kak Nadia poshla za vodkoi, 2020), Dane REIGHARD, Kinokultura, 2021