USSR (Belarus), 1960, 83mn 
Vperedi - krutoy povorot
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Впереди - крутой поворот


 Ahead - a sharp turn

 Devant - virage dangereux

Directed by : Richard VIKTOROV (Ричард ВИКТОРОВ)
Spectators : 24,9 millions of spectators
Release Date in Russia : 06/12/1960
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Plot synopsis
Police is looking for the driver who ran over a woman, journalist Snegireva, on the highway. Engineer Pyotr Sergeev is suspected. But Sergeev, who accidentally dropped a photo of his fiancée Irina at the scene, did not commit any crime. Seeing a woman lying on the highway, he left so as not to get involved in the story, even though timely help could have saved her. After a while, fleet driver Andrei (Lev Krougly) introduces himself to the investigator and confesses his involvement in the nighttime incident. He is ready to be punished, but Snegireva manages to tell the investigator that, not noticing the MAZ trailer, it fell under its wheels by her own fault. Doctors could not save Snegireva, and Irina took the orphan to her home. She did not understand and did not forgive Piotr.