Mikhail IDOV
Михаил ИДОВ
Mikhaïl IDOV
Russia, 2021, 107mn 
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 Décalage horaire

Directed by : Mikhail IDOV (Михаил ИДОВ)
Writing credits : Lili IDOVA (Лили ИДОВА)
Companies : more.tv, STS, Metrafilms
Film revenue in Russia : 0.03043 million dollars
Spectators : 7 440
Release Date in Russia : 01/07/2021
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
A fight en route to an airport spurs an ordinary Moscow couple to split on a whim. Nikita ends up in Thailand and Zhenya in Berlin and both land in separate love triangles, causing chaos in others' relationships as they try to fix their. But even continents apart, their lives turn out to be more intricately connected than they realize.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Russian Film Week in London, London (United Kingdom), 2021