Russia, 2022, 80mn 
Brat vo vsyom
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Брат во всем


 Brother in Every Inch

 Frère en tout

Directed by : Aleksandr ZOLOTUKHIN (Александр ЗОЛОТУХИН)
Writing credits : Aleksandr ZOLOTUKHIN (Александр ЗОЛОТУХИН)
Nikolay_3 ZHURAVLEV (Николай_3 ЖУРАВЛЁВ )
Aleksandra SHEVYRYOVA (Александра ШЕВЫРЁВА)
Cinematography : Andrey NAIDENOV (Андрей НАЙДЕНОВ)
Production design : Yelena ZHUKOVA (Елена ЖУКОВА)
Editing : Tatyana KUZMICHOVA (Татьяна КУЗЬМИЧЕВА)
Produced by : Mary NAZARI (Мэри НАЗАРИ), Andrey SIGLE (Андрей СИГЛЕ)
Companies : Proline Film
Film revenue in Russia : 0.012905 million dollars
Release Date in Russia : 03/03/2022
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
Brothers Mitya and Andrey want nothing more than to conquer the skies flying jets. To achieve this, they undergo Russian military pilot training. The twins watch out for each other – in every situation. If one fails a theory test, the other steps in. In practical exercises, it is the other way around: when Mitya’s vestibular system falters, Andrey assists him in his training. Cutting the cord becomes a challenge: the aptitude test is coming up and the accompanying test flights turn out to be an extreme experience for everyone. Their flight instructor (also a pilot in real life) is not the only one to recognise that adhesive forces of a different kind prevail between the brothers. In his debut film, A Russian Youth, Alexander Zolotukhin surprised us with detailed depictions of technical practices in the military that push people to their psychophysical limits. Having opted for alienating grainy images and a historical setting in that film, his new work sees him stylistically expanding his spectrum to land in the present day, with a topic that is no less universal. His heroes are delicate beings with balance problems in a world that cries out for toughness. A now-rare example of Russian cinematic pacifism that is especially relevant at the moment.

Брат во всем [Aleksandr ZOLOTUKHIN, 2022]: небо, самолеты, юноши, Николай КОРНАЦКИЙ,, 2022

Selected in the following festivals :
- Russian film festival in Paris, Paris (France), 2022
- Berlin International Film Festival : Berlinale, Berlin (Germany), 2022