Russia, 2022, 87mn 
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Directed by : Igor VOLOSHIN (Игорь ВОЛОШИН)
Writing credits : Natalia KUDRYASHOVA (Наталья КУДРЯШОВА)
Lukeriya ILYASHENKO (Лукерья ИЛЬЯШЕНКО) ...Liza
Anastasia KUVSHINOVA (Анастасия КУВШИНОВА) ...Anna
Oleg VASILKOV (Олег ВАСИЛЬКОВ) ...Voronin
Yevgeni KHARITONOV (Евгений ХАРИТОНОВ) ...Dozhdevik
Georgi KUDRENKO (Георгий КУДРЕНКО) ...Gordeev
Igor VOLOSHIN (Игорь ВОЛОШИН) ...Anna's step father
Tatyana YAKOVENKO (Татьяна ЯКОВЕНКО) ...Anna's mother
Cinematography : Timofei LOBOV (Тимофей ЛОБОВ)
Production design : Pavel PARKHOMENKO (Павел ПАРХОМЕНКО)
Produced by : Igor MISHIN (Игорь МИШИН), Tatyana YAKOVENKO (Татьяна ЯКОВЕНКО)
Companies : МТС Медиа
Film revenue in Russia : 0.240742 million dollars
Spectators : 52 800
Release Date in Russia : 14/07/2022

Plot synopsis
The main character is the pathologist Lisa. She is truly obsessed with the beauty of the human body and believes that physical love heals, releases the burden of hurts and problems. Therefore, Lisa leads an extremely free life and quite often enters into casual one-night stands. But one day on the examination table in front of the heroine lies the body of a girl Lisa spent the night with the night before. A photograph of an unknown person is imprinted on the victim's body.
Soon Lisa's other lovers pass away and end up on the medical examiner's table. On their bodies is the same photograph. Investigator Voronin investigates this series of murders with Lisa. Having seen a lot over the years of work, he views the case extremely emotionally. Voronin has a personal interest in finding the killer - a few years ago, under mysterious circumstances, his daughter disappeared. And, according to a number of indications, the series of these murders could help him in the search for his daughter.