Russia / Ukraina, 1998, 82mn 
Dve luny, tri solntsa
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Две луны, три солнца


 Dve luny, tri solntsa

 Deux lunes, trois soleils

Directed by : Roman BALAIAN (Роман БАЛАЯН)
Vladimir MASHKOV (Владимир МАШКОВ)
Cinematography : Bogdan VERZHBITSKY (Богдан ВЕРЖБИЦКИЙ)
Produced by : Aleksandr RODNYANSKY (Александр РОДНЯНСКИЙ), Igor TOLSTUNOV (Игорь ТОЛСТУНОВ)
Companies : НТВ-профит, "1+1", Иллюзион филмз (Украина)
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Plot synopsis
This story has happened in Moscow of today to an archaeologist Alexei - a scientist working for a Doctor's degree, a charming young man with a southern blood in his veins. One fine day his rather quiet and happy life was ruined by an accident: his younger brother perished in one of the "hot places" where he, being half a southerner, recruited as the fighting groups volunteer. Deeply stressed and having found out that his brother was shot by a Muscovite who served there on a contract basis, Alexei decides to take vengeance. He tracks down the killer in his courtyard and picks up with his neighbour, a young woman Vera by name. Soon their acquaintance turns into a passionate love-affair. By all means Vera tries to restrain Alexei's temper that he shows since his brother's death. Vera earnestly dissuades him from a horrible decision. Finally they place confidence in each other and Alexei thaws. However, on a fixed day he sets off to do away with the killer, but in the very last moment he scruples to fire the unarmed person who finally closes his days himself. Alexei is suspected of crime. Vera is also sure that her beloved is guilty. Nevertheless she desperately tries to help him...

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Sochi (Russia), 1998