Konstantin YUDIN
Константин ЮДИН
Konstantin YOUDINE
USSR, 1939, 86mn 
Black and white, fiction
Devushka s kharakterom
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Девушка с характером


 A Girl with a Character

 Une Fille avec du caractère

Directed by : Konstantin YUDIN (Константин ЮДИН)
Valentina SEROVA (Валентина СЕРОВА) ...Katia Ivanova
Companies : Mosfilm
Spectators : 16 million spectators in the USSR
Release Date in Russia : 20/03/1939
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
Trying to find justice to a director-bureaucrat who spoilt all the work of a cattle farm in the Far East, Katya Ivanova comes to Moscow. Having rendered a saboteur harmless on her way, she also manages to work in a dining car, fur shop and even at a record factory. And everywhere Katya who is fond of her native land tells about the Far East. Meanwhile her complaint is considered and she is assigned director of the cattle farm and is singled out for a reward for catching the saboteur. Together with a group of people persuaded by her she leaves for the Far East.
Source : www.mosfilm.ru