Aleksandr ZARKHY
Александр ЗАРХИ
Aleksandr ZARKHI
USSR, 1959, 101mn 
Lyudi na mostu
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Люди на мосту


 People on the Bridge

 Les Hommes sur le pont

Directed by : Aleksandr ZARKHY (Александр ЗАРХИ)
Companies : Mosfilm
Spectators : 23,4 million spectators in the USSR
Release Date in Russia : 09/01/1960
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
The end of 50s. Bulygin, a former chief of central directorate, is delegated to Siberia to the construction of a bridge across river Severnaya He takes his family with him: the wife, son, daughter and the daughter’s bridegroom. Some time ago Bulygin used to be an experienced builder, but now he is an imperious official unable to make contact with the workers which makes people leave the construction. However after spiritual trials Bulygin becomes a skilful leader again.