USSR, 1942, 67mn 
Boevoy kinosbornik N°9
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Боевой киносборник №9


 Collection of war films N ° 9

 Recueil de films de guerre N°9

Directed by : Mark DONSKOY (Марк ДОНСКОЙ)
Release Date in Russia : 04/05/1942
Sites : IMDb, Kinopoisk

Plot synopsis
The collection consists of three films, united by the account of the actions of a Soviet military unit. The content of one of the documents found in the fascist headquarters is the basis of the plot for the film " Quarter N 14 ". The film " The Blue Rocks " reproduces the story of a Czech girl rescued by Soviet soldiers. The functioning of the military landing unit is the content of the last little story " Le Phare ".

" Ward N 14 ". Occupied Poland. The night silence of a small Polish town is broken by a pistol - a Polish worker killed a German officer. The order of the fascist command reads as follows: close block N 14, in the area where the murder took place, align all the inhabitants and shoot one in ten if the culprit is not extradited ...

" The Blue Rocks " In one of the regions of Czechoslovakia, an uprising broke out against the invaders. The German command threw part of its troops to quell the uprising. Two trucks full of German soldiers headed for the rebel city. These cars were driven by two Czech patriots - father and son. A mined bridge appeared before ...

" The Lighthouse ". To carry out the landing operation, the Soviet command sent a reconnaissance sailor to the place of the planned landing. The guide is a teenage fisherman, a local resident. A boy leads a sailor into his mother's hut. The directing signals for the paratroopers are those given by a brave scout. The Germans manage to notice a signal ...